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Patient journey #2: Brian Hamilton

Brian Hamilton (80+) from UK has the classic symptoms of people who have cataract. Low contrast vision, dull colour perception. Driving his beloved car or playing golf pre-surgery resemble rather gambling arts than hobbies performed by his skills.

He decided to do something about his eye condition, therefore,
cataract surgery with modern intraocular lenses was his preferred choice. After the implantation with the LENTIS Comfort – an EDOF IOL with advanced segmented optics – he is very grateful.

“Today, I have absolutely no problems, what`s so ever“, concludes Brian. “Everything is clear as crystals. It is transforming my daily life. It is a gift. I am very grateful to have been given back a clear vision.”

Cataract & Comfort IOLs: a journey from cloudy to clear vision

“It was always stressful handling all the different glasses for reading, computer work or driving”, says Brian Hamilton, 80+, from UK. “It never fit 100%, vision was always lacking.”

Brian‘s wife Jane had already undergone a cataract procedure years before, and her risen quality of life after the surgery convinced Brian to perform the same lens exchange with ophthalmologist Simon Levy (MD, UK).
Simon Levy is an ophthalmologist in a private and a NHS practice in London.

He is performing eye surgeries and is specialized in the anterior segment, that means the front of the eye. Mainly, he is doing lens exchange surgery. He aims to improve the quality of vision for all his patients and to reduce the need for glasses following refractive and cataract surgery.

Cataract is an eye condition in which the natural clear lens becomes cloudy. As a result, vision steadily decreases. Often, cataracts are caused by age. However, it could also be the result of eye deformities, metabolic diseases, and injuries.

If left untreated, it can lead to blindness. Clouded vision caused by cataracts can make reading, driving a car (especially at night) or playing golf much more difficult and problematic. In early stages, stronger lighting and glasses can help you deal with the downsides of cataract, but these are only short-term solutions. However, if the poor vision affects your daily activities, you may need to have cataract surgery. Fortunately, cataract surgery is a safe and effective procedure.

Brian loves playing golf, but without the help of friends and their clear eyes, he couldn`t even see the direction of the ball. “I thought my eyesight was ok. I am driving very properly, very correctly. But deep down I knew ... It is a bit of good fortune. Bad vision influences lots of life aspects, it lowers your quality of life significantly. It affected my life for the worse”, Brian revealed.

Brians diagnosis was cataract and fortunately nothing else was wrong with his eyes.

Correcting the problem with a perfectly fitting IOL

The refractive cataract surgical procedure could correct that problem whilst removing the natural but cloudy lens and replacing it with an intraocular -crystal clear- lens (IOL). For every patient and every patients eye there are fitting lens implants. Eye conditions differ, so does the optical power of these IOLs.

Lenses can be customized. The last thing that a patient wants is a one size fits all approach, Dr Simon Levy states.

Patients like Brian have different lenses options:

  • Monofocal lenses: A single vision lens, with the focus on the distance only. Good for driving, but you cannot see the dashboard of your car.
  • EDOF lenses: An extended depth of focus lens, with the focus on distance and the middle distance (intermediate). You can drive and see the dashboard of your car.
  • Premium lenses: Full powered multifocal lenses, with the focus on distance, intermediate and near distance. With these lenses you have the full independence on glasses. The only problem could be driving at night. There can be glare as a side effect.

As Brian is a passionate night time driver and loves his sportscar, he decided for the EDOF lenses.

Post-surgery, Brians needed about 1 week to adapt to the newly won eye sight.

“Today I have absolutely no problem, what`s so ever, finishes Brian our interview. “Everything is clear as crystals. It is transforming my life. It is a gift. I am very grateful being to have been given back a clear vision.”

Information on LENTIS Comfort IOL