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Premium intraocular lenses

Multifocal and/or toric premium IOLs are excellent for correcting not only cataracts but also other visual disorders such as presbyopia and astigmatism.

You will benefit from improved eyesight and more independence from glasses over all distances. Often, patients no longer need glasses at all.

If you are active and exercise a lot, often have to look up and down at work and find glasses disruptive and irritating, a premium IOL may be the right choice for you.

With different lens designs, your ophthalmologist can best cater to your individual needs. Some of these special lenses are tailor-made for your eyes in order to achieve the best possible visual result.

Multifocal IOLs for presbyopia

  • High level of glasses-free vision for all visual distances (approx. 90% of patients no longer need glasses)
  • Optimal treatment of short-sightedness, long-sightedness and presbyopia
  • Natural, high-contrast vision
  • Very high patient satisfaction

Toric IOLs for astigmatism

  • Toric intraocular lenses with cylinder correction and customisation for your eye
  • Optimal treatment of astigmatism
  • Undistorted perception of the environment, high-contrast vision
  • Optional: violet light filter for effective retina protection (yellow intraocular lenses)

In the case of coexisting presbyopia and astigmatism, toric multifocal lenses may be used to correct both visual disorders in one.

These special IOLs, which combine the benefits of multifocal and toric lenses, are tailor-made for you and offer you maximum quality of vision and independence from glasses.

In the long term, external influences such as sunlight can impair the quality of vision despite corrected astgimatism. "Yellow" intraocular lenses with violet light filters protect against this.

Yellow toric IOLs for additional retinal protection

  • Optimal retinal protection through the absorption of energy-rich, retina-damaging UV light
  • No impairment of image quality / visual impression
  • Higher light output than conventional blue light filter IOLs for natural, clear vision
  • Optimal contrast in twilight and poor light

Premium IOLs from Teleon

To correct presbyopia, Teleon offers LENTIS Mplus/Mplus X multifocal lenses as well as the new ACUNEX Variomax.

Toric IOL LENTIS Tplus X corrects astigmatism and toric multifocal Mplus X Toric is used to correct coexisting astigmatism and presbyopia.

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