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Patient journey #1: Ute Schneider

Ute Schneider (52) suffered greatly from her presbyopia, which required her to wear glasses all the time.

After the implantation of two multifocal LENTIS Mplus intraocular lenses, she enjoys her new (spectacle) freedom and perfect vision over all distances.

Presbyopia & Multifocal IOLs: A Journey to more spectacle independence

“Without glasses, nothing works for me,“ says Ute Schneider, 52, who suffers severely from her presbyopia.

Presbyopia is not a disease, but an age-related loss of vision. The eye loses its ability to see accommodate. Sharp near vision is therefore no longer possible without glasses or contact lenses.

Ute is bothered severely by her glasses. The visual aid makes her life difficult, especially in her everyday work. The desire to be able to see without glasses again, and to do so for the rest of her life, is constant. She is working for an intraocular lens manufacturer for more than 2 years and is very familiar with the medical solution of her problem.

„Lens out, lens in“, as she puts it.

The journey to perfect vision begins. Dr. Simon Leicht, Medical Director of the MVZ Augenärzte im Stadtturm in Passau, practises in Ute‘s residential environment and is therefore her first point of contact for further information and professional advice. The decision was easy for her.

Surgery with the LENTIS Mplus from Teleon Surgical

The LENTIS Mplus is a multifocal intraocular lens, or MIOL. It is an artificial lens that is implanted directly into the eye during a surgery lasting less than 10 minutes. It remains in the eye permanently. The visual performance can be selected by the patient.

Ute’s goal was clear: no glasses, no contact lenses, no risk of cataracts. Perfect vision, just the way she likes it.

A month post-surgery, we asked Ute about her experience and if her high ambitions were met:
„I wanted perfect vision without glasses for my lifetime and that at near, distance and mid-range. The result is exactly THAT. A new lifestyle and more freedom in everyday life. I am totally happy. It‘s been so liberating and empowering. It‘s really incredible.“

Information on LENTIS MPlus IOLs