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Comfort intraocular lenses

With Comfort IOLs (intermediate lenses or also known as EDOF lenses) you achieve significantly better visual comfort thanks to greater depth of field than with a standard solution.

This intraocular lens offers more freedom from glasses for distance and intermediate vision thanks to its special optics with depth of field.

The intermediate area is the intermediate distance that begins behind the reading distance at around 50 to 200 cm. This area is particularly relevant in everyday situations such as working at a computer, shopping, using a phone, driving and exercising.

Toric intermediary lenses are also available to correct astigmatism. Your doctor will be able to advise you in detail.


Benefits of Comfort IOLs

  • Depth of field function for more independence from glasses in everyday situations and during exercise
  • No more varifocal glasses
  • Natural, high-contrast vision
  • As a maximum, reading glasses may still be needed for near vision
  • Increased patient satisfaction

Comfort IOLs from Teleon

The LENTIS Comfort and the ACUNEX Vario from Teleon offer all the benefits of modern comfort lenses.

Find out more about the LENTIS Comfort in our patient journey #2 and about the ACUNEX Vario in patient journey special. Renowned eye surgeon Dr. Omid Kermani implanted the ACUNEX Vario in his own brothers eyes, who answers his questions in this post-op video.

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