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Patient journey Special:
Khalil Kermani | Cataract

Cataract & EDOF-IOLs: The doctor is the patient.

Dr. Khalil Kermani is an orthopedic surgeon in Cologne, Germany. He faces different challenges every day. Working precisely in the near distance, for example when drawing up and inserting syringes, becomes more difficult.

His vision in the intermediate distance is also deteriorating, noticeable when working on the computer. Khalil has cataracts.

He uses a lot of glasses day in, day out. None of them meet his expectations.

Dr. Omid Kermani, an ophthalmologist at the Augenklinik am Neumarkt in Cologne, is Khalil`s younger brother and his trusted eye specialist who knows the perfect solution: Cataract surgery!

He opted for the ACUNEX Vario and the Femtosecond-Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery (FLACS).

The ACUNEX Vario is an Extended Depth of Focus intraocular lens – EDOF-IOL for short. These modern lenses serve as a steadfast gold-standard for cataract surgery, which enables spectacle-free vision in the distance and in the intermediate range. A perfect fit for Khalil‘s requirements to do computer work without glasses.

After successful surgery his 20 different glasses belong to the past. Furthermore, a little trick during the operation – one eye is set slightly short-sighted to achieve good near vision – will allow him to waive his reading glasses in the future too.

Finally see everything without glasses

A few months after surgery, Dr. Omid Kermani asks his brother Khalil whether his expectations have been met.

„I would do the procedure again in exactly the same way.“
Khalil can now see everything without glasses.

He even passed the „near vision test“ and achieves 100% vision without the need for reading glasses. Exceptional!

Information about ACUNEX Vario IOL

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