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Treatment options for astigmatism and presbyopia

Glasses or contact lenses

The standard treatment for both presbyopia and astigmatism is to wear glasses and/or contact lenses. If the astigmatism is severe, however, these means will not achieve satisfactory treatment results.

If you often have to switch your visual focus at work or lead an active lifestyle, glasses are often only a suboptimal solution. If you need sport glasses as well as your normal everyday glasses, costs can quickly spiral.

Freedom from glasses thanks to refractive lens surgery

Modern eye surgery means that astigmatism with presbyopia can be corrected by one single minimally invasive routine operation (see also cataract surgery).

By implanting an intraocular toric multifocal lens, astigmatism and presbyopia can be perfectly corrected at the same time.

A) Correction of presbyopia
The multifocal design of the lens ensures significantly sharper vision of both near and distance. You can use the slide to simulate how vision changes thanks to multifocal IOL.

B) Correction of astigmatim
Thanks to its toric properties, this intraocular lens can correct most of the optical haze caused by irregularities on the cornea. You can use the slide to simulate how vision changes thanks to toric IOL.