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Intraocular lenses (IOLs) for astigmatism

As an alternative to standard IOLs, your ophthalmologist will also offer premium IOLs or IOLs with additional benefits that are particularly beneficial in treating cataracts and astigmatism in one thanks to their special optical design.

Toric IOLs for the optimal correction of astigmatism

In cataract patients with astigmatism, toric intraocular lenses allow for the precise, stable correction of astigmatism.

These toric lenses balance out the astigmatism exceptionally well, so you can achieve a high level of independence from glasses for distance vision. A simple pair of glasses will suffice for reading and computer work, so near vision and intermediate.

You can use the slide to simulate how vision changes by using toric intraocular lenses to completely correct astigmatism.

Yellow toric intraocular lenses offer additional retina protection as is recommended for patients with astigmatism.

You can find more detailed information about toric lenses and yellow lenses from Teleon here.