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Treatment options for astigmatism

Glasses or contact lenses

The standard treatment for slight astigmatism comprises wearing glasses with cylindrical lenses and/or toric contact lenses that balance out the astigmatism to provide sharp vision.

For you as a patient, constantly wearing glasses or contact lenses may constitute a lower quality of life. As soon as you need multiple pairs of glasses (e.g. for sport), the costs also begin to add up.

Only refractive lens surgery can achieve satisfactory treatment results in the case of severe astigmatism.

Refractive lens surgery

Modern eye surgery means that most forms of astigmatism can be corrected by one single minimally invasive routine operation (see also cataract surgery).

The natural lens is replaced by a toric IOL with a special design to almost completely balance out astigmatism.

Image: A toric artificial lens almost completely balances out astigmatism, so that optical blurring is corrected and there is a clear focal point on the retina.