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Treatment options for dry eyes

Standard treatment of the meibomian glands

The focus here is on treating the edge of the lid. Classic methods are applying warm, damp compresses to soften the secretion and massaging the edge of the lid. If bacteria are causing the inflammation of the meibomian glands, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

Eyedrops and gels

If treating the meibomian glands does not help, eye drops may be used. These soothe the symptoms but do not tackle the cause of dry eyes. They usually have to be taken over a long period of time and are paid for by the patient.

New treatment approach: Tixel

Tixel is an innovative technology for treating the eyelid and eye socket area - and a completely new, promising approach for treating dry eyes.

Tixel has already successfully established itself in dermatology. After a thorough examination, Tixel can be used by an experienced doctor to treat dry eyes.

Tixel uses targeted energy impulses to activate the meibomian glands. This tackles the blockage and promotes healthy lipid production. The treatment is safe, hygienic, short and completely radiation-free. Studies have shown significant improvement of the symptoms of dry eyes after one or two treatments, even in severe cases*. *Dr Ludger Hanneken: treatment of evaporative dry eyes with a fractional thermomechanical device