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Treatment options for presbyopia

Glasses or contact lenses

The classic treatment option for presbyopia is to wear reading glasses. If you have further visual disorders, you may need multiple pairs of glasses or may have to switch to varifocal or multifocal glasses or contact lenses.

Only you as the person affected can say how much permanently having to wear (at least one pair of) glasses impacts you. Particularly if you have an active lifestyle, wearing the right glasses can be challenging and costs can also add up.

Freedom from glasses thanks to refractive lens surgery

Modern eye surgery offers you the opportunity to enjoy your life either without glasses or with fewer pairs to keep track of.

A minimally invasive routine procedure on each eye, whereby the natural lens is replaced by a special multifocal artificial lens, can broadly correct age-related presbyopia (see also cataract surgery).


Presbyopia can be broadly corrected with a multifunctional intraocular lens. You will be able to clearly see objects up close, in the intermediate and at a distance without needing glasses.