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Teleon supports the Initiative Grauer Star cataract initiative

The Initiative Grauer Star is a joint project of the manufacturers of innovative intraocular lenses that are grouped in the Eye Surgery Department within the Federal Association for Medical Technology (BVMed e.V).

‘It’s no longer just about replacing a cloudy lens with a clear synthetic lens. Nowadays, it’s also about achieving the best possible refractive result that takes the patient’s personal desires and needs into account.
Patients should familiarise themselves with the various possibilities so they can make a tailored decision together with their healthcare provider.’

BVMed Managing Director and Board Member Joachim M. Schmitt

The initiative’s primary goal is to comprehensively and neutrally inform the population about cataracts, the causes and treatment as well as the possibilities and performance profiles of modern intraocular lenses.

With the ‘Initiative Grauer Star – Qualität persönlich sehen’ information campaign, BVMed e.V. wants to provide you with cross-company and product-neutral information on the various possibilities of innovative therapy using lenses with additional functions.

This information, of course, cannot replace a consultation with your ophthalmologist. Only after an initial examination and individual advice should you make a decision for a specific intraocular lens together with your ophthalmologist.